What is the future for Western liberal societies? Struggling to re-establish themselves as beacons of democracy and social cohesion, the populations of Western countries are divided and laden with hypocrisy in a political system that is loosing its global prestige.

Are Western liberal political systems about to turn a corner and stand firm on the international stage, or are we seeing the inevitable decline of the ‘West’. India and China usurping any global authority once exclusive to the West, we are now on the sidelines, bogged down by institutions that are not brave enough to preserve a valuable political system.

Or is the individual to blame for the West’s demise? The obliteration of any cultural or national identity means the individual now only considers themselves, not the collective. Individual gain stands above any gain for the wider community or next generation.

This blog will examine issues in Western society that are ultimately eating us from within. Our inability to achieve legitimate progress, not only change, will place the West near the bottom in the new World Order.