Sleazy behaviour from a sleazy society

The ‘Pestminster’ scandal has created a lot of confusion over what is too much sleaze or inappropriate touching of members of the fellow human race. The scalps have been many and rapid, Michael Fallon a big name to get the knee out. Damian Green may soon follow for the more normal act of having porn on his computer.

I do not ignore the gravity of the rape cover up claims in amongst all this, but we seem to have confused law breaking with the symptoms and products of an ever more sleazy society. The fact that many chief suspects are of the older generation, wear suits and work in Parliament is just a character narrative to sleaze the whole sordid thing up.

Evidence has shown that there is a ‘culture of inappropriate behaviour in Westminster’. Come again dear fellow…in Westminster. There is a culture of inappropriate behaviour in our very culture. It is just too an ambitious behaviour to explain and if it’s something we are all guilty of then who can we….blame. Furthermore, it is an example of the highest hypocrisy. We exist in a sleazy society masked as a form of social liberal progress. We have instant access via phones and computers to the vilest of online content, all legitimate, all legal, and without any consideration. We can strive to full fill the deepest and darkest parts if our sexual imaginations by watching it all online. Such progress.

If videos do not meet the desired requirement then there are the entirely inconspicuous websites offering such a service, to your own home. We live in a society where people have made fortunes comparable with that of an empire, that began by releasing a sex tape online. Knowing that in whatever manner, it would raise their public image and make them famous though sleaze.

Reality TV shows offer a similar prospect, but can disguise it somewhat effectively as a competition. Sleaze and sex are everywhere, and everywhere we link them to quick success and money. So why a sleazy Westminster is so #shocking #metoo I have no idea.

By Damian Green having porn on his computer (Damian….it’s on the internet, you don’t need to download it anymore) it exposes his human vulnerabilities that we all possess. Politicians, the ever-present spitting boards for the public who treat them as sub-human, well in this instance they appear very human. Weak and clumsy when it comes to talking to women and then offensive when it does not succeed.

The Pestminster scandal, just like all sex scandals before it, have boxed the errors and offences into an institution or an industry. Sleazy politicians, sleazy Hollywood. Rubbish. You think that everyone on the outside of those boundaries is a true gentleman. Sex and sleaze is as prevalent as ever in Western liberal society, restricted by nothing, accessible to all. Again, we have not looked at the big picture, would a ban of online pornography w really demonstrate the makings of an authoritarian state? No. It would demonstrate the makings of a moral state. Defined by what is right. What is tasteful.

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